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Renovation projects present sometimes more challenges to the approach and creativeness of the architect then totally new projects.
In the case of the Bela Vista Hotel, one must add the charisma and the popularity that the building acquired during the years (1980’s) of the construction “boom”, as a survival from the hammer of progress. The cities, the people, the customers, all have memories that must be respected not only locally but also in the region, as large sectors of the customers were Hong Kong residents and expatriates.
In brief, the basic architectural concept remains in enhancing the past (50 years) memories and wishes of those users with a careful approach of colonial atmosphere, light and fresh ambiance, delicate and sober decoration, and respect for the existing features of the building, since no one has memories of the original building, and no one would recognise the Bela Vista with a very different arrangement.
In this sense, all the new detailing was inspired by the existing, without originality of design. The aim of this approach is to make the new look as it has always been there and enhance the feeling of the old by using some of its own themes.