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This Preliminary Study refers to the construction project of building public housing apartment building by the MSAR Government, on the grounds of the old quarry in Seac Pai Van, Coloane, lot CN5a. This plot has a trapezoidal configuration and is defined by four roads deployed between accounts and 6.5 NMM NMM 13:00. The plot is oriented to the north and the south hill of Coloane.

Since this batch of occupation shall not have a high podium, all accesses are made at the level of the surrounding streets, which is why the lot is fenced with metal railing with strategically placed gates and allowing access of residents or emergency services as firefighters, ambulances, garbage collection and distribution of gas. The spaces between housing blocks will be used for parks, playgrounds, and recreation and exercise for children, youth and adults, and ventilation openings of the caves. The occupation of these spaces leaves free spaces for the movement of emergency vehicles and services.