Clients / Macau Monetary Authority - Currently the Portuguese Consulate
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“Terrazo” paving with simple and rhythmic designs were used in all public areas and stairs, in black and white colours.
Plastered walls, pilasters, and columns painted in plain white and black aluminum grid ceilings were also used in the public areas, giving a very uniform and strong image to the public spaces. This character was enhanced in the main lobby with a two-story-high ceiling and more elaborated floor design, multiplied “ad infinitĂș” by two “face-to-face” mirror walls. To break the coolness and neutrality of this atmosphere, wood was used in all doors, wall panels, and counters, giving the warm feeling of the natural material and colour. Warm and strong floor carpet tones were also used in some public areas and inside the office areas. Stainless steel was used on the stair gratings and handrails, introducing a new dimension to the stair feature. Particular care was put in all details and dimensions (wood doors, wood panels, and glass partitions, ceiling light strips, etc.) in order not to lose the relative scale of the building and its touchable elements, the most important aspect in such a large project.